How Not To Ruin A Relationship

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How Not To Ruin A Relationship
How Not To Ruin A Relationship

Video: How Not To Ruin A Relationship

Video: How Not To Ruin A Relationship
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A relationship is primarily a compromise between your shared desires and capabilities. And it is not always possible to allow yourself in a pair to do only what you want, regardless of the opinion of your partner.

How not to ruin a relationship
How not to ruin a relationship


Step 1

Remember, men don't take hints. If you want to achieve something from your beloved, do not beat around the bush, express your wishes head-on, but try to do it delicately. So you will save the nervous system for yourself and for him.

Step 2

Do not strain or nag the man day or day. Scandal, whims or high-pitched conversation, you will achieve little. Is that another quarrel from scratch and hard-hitting words addressed to you.

Step 3

Don't insult your man with excessive jealousy and suspicion. There is a certain category of women who work more thoroughly than FSB officers, checking contacts and SMS messages on the phone of their chosen one. It looks dirty and low. Be above that - trust your partner. Such surveillance can infuriate almost any man and chill even the most passionate relationships.

Step 4

Any problem can be solved at a round table of negotiations. This means that you do not need to break the dishes and throw equipment in a fit of negative emotions. You just need to cool down, calm down and talk. You can find a way out of any situation, even the most hopeless one. The main thing is the ability and desire to listen and hear your partner.

Step 5

In the heat of an argument, do not stoop to unnecessary insults. A woman is not painted with reproaches and reproaches, especially baseless and inflated from scratch. You may forget all that was said, but your man is unlikely. In any situation, you should monitor your speech and try to smooth out corners, because many words spoken out of place hurt very deeply.

Step 6

Don't try to change the person. By a certain age, everyone has a character and outlook on life. Love a person true, not crushing under yourself and not altering in your own way. Any person is an individual and has the right to a personal opinion.