How To Learn To Be Flirty

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How To Learn To Be Flirty
How To Learn To Be Flirty

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Video: How To Learn To Be Flirty
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Coquetry is one of the many techniques that help a woman attract and conquer a man. It should be understood that the line between coquetry and vulgarity can be very thin, so it is necessary to study not only the main female tricks, but also always observe the measure and monitor your behavior.

How to learn to be flirty
How to learn to be flirty


Step 1

Be natural and calm. The pretense, the sheer falsity that slips in a woman's every move, can alienate a man and even disgust him. You should not seem too arrogant and arrogant, since the representatives of the stronger sex often do not like this. Use your natural charm to win a man's heart.

Step 2

Practice facial expressions, gestures and postures in front of the mirror. Decide what style of behavior suits you best. Look for your virtues and learn to emphasize them. If you have beautiful lips and straight white teeth, smile more often. Those with flawless breasts should draw attention to them. For example, you can straighten the necklace or occasionally run your hand along the neckline.

Step 3

Don't flirt with every man you see. Even if you just want to practice and not get the attention of your secret lover, flirt with only one guy. Otherwise, you will come across as a frivolous girl.

Step 4

To get a man's attention, throw quick glances at him, give him a slight smile. Do not be discouraged if he does not come up to you right away or does not dare to speak to you at all. Maybe your partner isn't interested in flirting or just couldn't understand your signals.

Step 5

Look a man in the eye, smiling slightly. Your smile should be natural, not forced. From time to time, as if by accident, touch your face, lips with your fingers, correct your hairstyle. Often in such cases, men also want to touch the skin and hair of the girl flirting with them.

Step 6

If the man speaks to you, keep flirting. Listen carefully to everything that your interlocutor says, demonstrate your interest. Watch his movements and mirror his posture and gestures from time to time. Even if a man does not notice this, his subconscious mind will tell him the meaning of your actions.