How To Attract A Man

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How To Attract A Man
How To Attract A Man

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In the hunt for a man, first you need to decide on a goal. Either a man is needed for communication, or he is considered as a future spouse, father of children, head of the family. In any case, it is advisable to learn about him and his hobbies in order to plan a strategy.

On the trail
On the trail


Step 1

Pushkin deduced the ideal formula: "the less we love a woman, the easier she likes us." In the era of feminism, the formula works in the opposite direction. Therefore, in no case should you demonstrate an increased interest in the object.

Step 2

Popular wisdom says: "they are greeted by their clothes, they are escorted by their minds." Some are inclined to understand the expression literally, and only the first half of the proverb is at the forefront. Although you can interpret it in such a way that no matter how you look, the final verdict will be formulated on the basis of communication. Therefore, you should not shock the chosen one with an extravagant appearance, it is enough for the appearance to be in harmony with the inner content.

Step 3

If the acquaintance has already taken place, you can proceed to direct communication. For the period of the first conversations, it is worth forgetting the downtrodden expression that a woman loves with her ears, and giving the right to choose the format of the conversation to the interlocutor. Of course, if he talks about football, it would be nice to have an idea of ​​how the championship differs from the cup. But you can also just show interest and get ready to receive a lesson for beginners. And men also love to talk about their unique person. Here you can only gasp sympathetically, assent and agree.

Step 4

On a subconscious level, any man is looking for a homemaker in a woman. Even if he does not plan to create a family in the near future, a homely and economic woman next to him will not seem superfluous to him. You should not start feeding your future chosen one with homemade pies from the very first days of acquaintance. But it will not be superfluous to hint that in Ossetian pies or stuffed pike your pass-through dish will not be superfluous.

Step 5

About intimate. After a man is interested in a woman as an excellent companion, an excellent hostess, you can hint to him that a woman, among other things, is also created for bliss. Suddenly, during a man's monologue, you can hold your gaze a little longer on his face, accompanying him with a Mona Lisa smile (more importantly, so that he fixes the change).

Step 6

Many men unknowingly attach great importance to tactile contact. The touch should be unobtrusive, but noticeable - shake off the speck from the shoulder, for a moment put your hand on the forearm (part of the hand between the elbow and the wrist). If there is a feeling that “the client is ready”, then actions can be activated. Catch the moment and, standing in front of the man, while talking, as if by chance, while looking into the eyes, run your hand over the shoulder - it's tested, it works 100%.

Step 7

After the deed is done, it is better to leave and give the man the opportunity to realize himself as a conqueror - let him look for opportunities for the next meeting.

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