Feminine Energy: How To Attract The Perfect Man

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Feminine Energy: How To Attract The Perfect Man
Feminine Energy: How To Attract The Perfect Man

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Many women remain alone for many years only because they do not know how to control their feminine energy. While with the help of this resource you can attract an ideal man into your life.

Feminine energy: how to attract the perfect man
Feminine energy: how to attract the perfect man

Correct visualization

The ideal man is a subjective concept. Some dream of a brutal businessman, others of a sophisticated intellectual. Someone likes family men and jokes, others are waiting for romantic and passionate gentlemen. For the man of your dreams to appear in life, first "draw" him in your thoughts. It is no coincidence that the visualization technique has become so popular in recent years: it has long been proven that it works. It is important to understand that you should not just dream about your future lover in a relaxed way, but work on your thoughts.

If you know how to meditate, great: working with this technique will be much easier. If not, just give yourself visualization sessions on a regular basis. Retire in a quiet place, take a comfortable position. Try to imagine in the smallest detail the man you want to attract into your life. Give free rein to your imagination, do not think about the representatives of the stronger sex you already know, but dream to the maximum. Try to “see” all the nuances of his appearance, “feel” his smell, “hear” his voice. Imagine more specifically the scenes in which you spend time together, try to plunge into the sensations that you will experience with this man.

If you practice visualization regularly, you will soon be amazed at how accurate the pictures of your subconscious were.

Increasing female energy

A man most often chooses a woman subconsciously. He will give preference to the one that is close to him in energy. To improve this quality in yourself, use a few tips.

  1. Have fun communicating in a female company. "Terrarium" at work is not at all the same. Such a female group can only deprive you of energy. However, remember how filled and enthusiastic you returned after meeting your friends. For the post office, arrange such cozy gatherings filled with exclusively female chatter.
  2. Give pleasure to your body. A trip to a spa or a massage is not only a physical pleasure: such procedures also perfectly pump female energy. Make it a rule to arrange for yourself "beauty sessions" and at home.

  3. Be alone. Even if you are a very sociable person, being alone with yourself means connecting “to the source”. It is possible that you only need a few minutes a day to be alone and start your internal mechanisms.
  4. Put things in order. This is not about a trivial routine that you have to do every day, but rather about freeing up space. Regularly go through the house with a garbage bag and throw out everything that is not dear to you or has not been useful for a long time. Unnecessary things consume energy and prevent something new from coming into your life.
  5. Give and share. This is one of the most powerful tools for enhancing female energy. Help the sick and the poor, do nice little things for those who feel bad, disinterestedly share your knowledge and provide moral support to those. who needs it.

Even if it seems to you that such advice has nothing to do with the conquest of a man, you should know: you have already begun a large-scale work on yourself and your energy.

Freedom Above All

The last thing a man wants is to "get caught in a trap." However, for many women, this is a completely familiar pursuit. And obviously a failure.

Freedom should be one of the main values, and in this case we are talking about two aspects. First of all, give freedom to the man. Control of any kind is not at all capable of somehow changing your relationship, so there is no point in it.This is one of the main bad habits that destroy relationships - cultivate distrust in yourself and check in every possible way. Do not look into his eyes, like a faithful dog, do not strangle him with your presence, and then the man will sincerely reach out to you. He should see you as a partner, a source of inspiration, but by no means a burden or a forced burden.

Work on your own freedom is no less important. Try to depend as little as possible on someone else's opinion, do not try to be convenient and correct for everyone. Surrender to your own hobbies and hobbies that you enjoy, and never push your interests to the background. Do not leave life "for later" and remain yourself - this is what attracts men.

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