How To Prepare Yourself For Childbirth

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How To Prepare Yourself For Childbirth
How To Prepare Yourself For Childbirth

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In the last weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother knows almost everything about childbirth. All books and magazines have been read, all films and videos have been watched, and the stories of girlfriends about who gave birth have been collected.

How to prepare yourself for childbirth
How to prepare yourself for childbirth


Step 1

Starting from 39-40 weeks, the doctor should find out how your cervix is ​​dilating. For an easy delivery, it should be "prepared" in advance. As prescribed by the doctor, expectant mothers take candles "Buscopan" and the medicine for spasms "No-shpa" or the Russian analogue "Drotoverin". In the later stages, some women in labor are offered to go to the pathology department to monitor the fetus, and also to take a set of measures to prepare the cervix: droppers with drugs and vitamins.

Step 2

With good health and the absence of contraindications for the doctor, physical labor is required. It will help not to gain extra calories in the last stages, and will also contribute to the contraction of the uterus. You can safely clean the whole house, wash the floors on your knees (if your stomach does not interfere), dust. Physical education or gymnastics lessons will not interfere.

Step 3

Learn to breathe correctly in advance during childbirth. This will really help both the baby and you. You just need to know which technique to breathe at what stage of labor. For example, when the baby's head appears, the doctor will ask you not to push, but rather to breathe like a dog (frequent inhalation and frequent exhalation). In contractions, a different breathing technique is needed to advance the baby, in which a deep breath is taken with a gradual exhalation and a pushing down the abdomen. Respiratory gymnastics can be learned from video lessons on the Internet or at a school for expectant mothers.

Step 4

If your doctor does not prohibit you for health reasons at 40 weeks of pregnancy to have sex with your husband, have him. Since it is the sperm that will prepare the cervix for the beginning of the childbearing process, otherwise at 41 weeks the doctor may simply begin to stimulate labor by injecting the gel into the vagina. The composition of this gel is identical to male sperm. If you are for natural childbirth, it is better to spend the last days of pregnancy with your spouse.

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