Where To Find Sand For A Children's Sandbox

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Where To Find Sand For A Children's Sandbox
Where To Find Sand For A Children's Sandbox

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Sand for a children's sandbox can be used both quarry and river, and quartz. Therefore, it can be purchased at a hardware store or an organization that sells building materials. The main thing is that it undergoes appropriate cleaning and its quality corresponds to GOST.

Where to find sand for a children's sandbox
Where to find sand for a children's sandbox

Sometimes, for safety reasons, vigilant mothers do not allow their babies to play in the sandbox on the playground. Their fears are understandable, because once the box is filled with sand, the local authorities in no way take responsibility for its cleanliness.

But what kind of childhood would it be without playing with sand ?! You can provide a play area with a sandbox on a personal plot, if the family has one, but then another question arises - where to find sand for the sandbox that meets all the norms.

Sand requirements for children's sandboxes

I must say that the acquisition of sand is not a problem, just not everyone is suitable for children's games. Before looking for the coordinates of organizations or individuals involved in the delivery of sand, you should decide on the question - which one is needed.

Quartz, as a rule, is not used for children's games, although in terms of radioactivity it is as safe as all other types of sand. The reason lies in its high price. It is obtained by grinding natural quartz, and for the purpose of using it for children's sandboxes, it is also calcined during the production process, thereby eliminating potentially dangerous bacteria and impurities.

Quarry sand is a natural formation resulting from the destruction of rock formations. The cleaned sand from the quarry is quite suitable for the sandbox; the acceptable amount of clay impurities in it is 2%.

The third popular variety is represented by river sand, which is extracted from the bottom of natural reservoirs. It is considered the most preferable for children's fun, although it is wrong to believe that only the river is suitable for a sandbox. Any of the listed varieties can be used for children's games. It all depends on the size of the fractions and the degree of purity.

Who to contact for a purchase

The cheapest will be to purchase sand from a private trader, but it is unlikely that he will provide documents for the proposed product. It is best to contact a large manufacturer, who will confirm the quality of the sand with an appropriate certificate. Sand for a sandbox must comply with GOST R 52301-2004, according to which the particle size should not be less than 0.2 and more than 2 mm. However, experts say that even 0, 2 is too small. They easily rise into the air at the slightest breeze and can enter the respiratory tract.

Parents have more confidence in alluvial sand, since it is the purest and does not contain clay impurities, however, the complete exclusion of clay particles is also undesirable. Not a single sand figurine will be able to mold from such sand.

Do not be afraid to contact construction organizations, because many of them have available, in addition to building sand and sand for children's sandboxes. Of course, not everyone agrees to deliver it in small quantities, but many are happy to provide such a service.

The volume of a ton should not be scary either, because only 1 cubic meter. raw sand weighs 1.5 tons. For one medium-sized sandbox, you need at least 2 cubes. If the sandbox is very small, then you can always cooperate with neighbors and bring good, clean sand for the games of your child. Purchasing at a hardware store is also an option that guarantees a certificate. Those who live by the river find it easier to get the sand on their own. It's only better to sift it when dry.

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