How Much Time To Spend At The Computer For A Child

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How Much Time To Spend At The Computer For A Child
How Much Time To Spend At The Computer For A Child

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Nowadays, a computer can be found in almost every home. Indeed, for many, it is a workplace or a way of spending leisure time. However, each parent asks the question whether the child can be at the computer and how long it should take.

How much time to spend at the computer for a child
How much time to spend at the computer for a child


Step 1

Children sooner or later have to start learning a computer, various programs and acquire skills to work with them. It is truly an indispensable learning aid, as well as a necessary thing for a full life in society. With the help of a personal computer and the Internet, children learn a huge amount of information necessary for life. However, when a child begins to use it for other purposes, this is a completely different question.

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It is advisable to teach your child not only to automatically follow programs with a mouse click, but also to explain how this software actually works. As a result, he will have an interest in working with a computer, he will be more interested in its technical part than just computer games.

Step 3

Often, some parents use a personal computer as a nanny. In this case, your children will spend a sufficient amount of time sitting behind him. As a result, they run the risk of future problems related to social interaction, it will be much more difficult for them to become interested in ordinary games or reading. Not to mention the fact that the likelihood of physical consequences for the body is high - incorrect posture, complications with vision, physical inactivity.

Step 4

As a rule, thirty or forty minutes is a reasonable time for a preschooler to spend at a personal computer. But the most important thing is to make sure that this time is spent with benefit for him and stimulates his development, and not vice versa.

Step 5

It is now known that gambling addiction is included in the list of addictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse and smoking. Coping with it is quite problematic, at least, it will greatly interfere with the child's development and learning in various fields.

Step 6

The best option would be if your child gets to know the games a little later. To begin with, let him learn real, active games with real and living people. After all, childhood is a period that will never repeat itself or return, and the personal computer will be there for the rest of your life. If we are to select computer games, then they should at least have a didactic meaning, that is, developing and teaching intelligence, memory, thought processes, attention and fantasy.

Step 7

Based on everything, we can draw an interesting conclusion that children can use a personal computer, but in moderation and, most importantly, with benefit.

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