We Teach Your Child To Read From Infancy

We Teach Your Child To Read From Infancy
We Teach Your Child To Read From Infancy

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Many parents are faced with the problem of their child's categorical dislike of reading. As a rule, they come to their senses when their child is already at the school desk and his disregard for reading promises mom and dad a headache and shattered nerves. At this stage, you will have to make a lot of efforts to instill in the child a love of reading, if before that he did not hold books in his hands, and the parents themselves do not have the habit of reading. So when is the best time to start a child's immersion in the literary world?

The sooner the child gets to know the books, the better
The sooner the child gets to know the books, the better

Psychologists agree that a child should be taught to read books from infancy. Reading fairy tales before bedtime not only calms and lulls, but also helps to form a positive image of the book and the person reading in the child. Let nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes, fairy tales become the first books in your kid's library.

When your offspring grows up a little, he should have his own books. Let them be bright and colorful. Various elements that attract attention are welcome: tweeters, buttons, sparkles, rubber bands. The first books don't have to be paper, they can be rag or plastic. The child will learn to handle them - turn over the pages, put them on the shelf. At the same time, do not stop reading to him, gradually complicating the literary material.

By the age of three, you can start learning letters. Be patient - this process is not easy for both the child and mom and dad. Use visual materials: cards, posters, magnetic boards. Encourage your child's success, but don't scold him for failure. Training should take place in a playful way, without coercion and pressure. When the baby is confident in knowing the letters, you can move on to the syllables, and then to the words.

Gradually, step by step, the child will master and, most importantly, love reading, if the parents do everything right.

Never force a child to read against their will! This will only reinforce your aversion to literature. Try to gently and unobtrusively motivate him to read. Personal example is the best tool in this matter. Read as much as you can, gradually making time for books from TV and gadgets. Reading in the evenings with the whole family is a fun and rewarding pastime. Let this become your little tradition.

Do not spare your energy to introduce the child to books, do not consider it a waste of time. Be sure - the result will pay off your efforts with interest. A love of reading usually comes with intuitive literacy, a broad outlook, and high intellectual ability.

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