Baby's Menu At 10 Months

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Baby's Menu At 10 Months
Baby's Menu At 10 Months

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The nutrition of a ten-month-old child should be varied - it is recommended to include meat and fish dishes, vegetable and fruit purees, to develop the chewing reflex - crackers.

Baby's menu at 10 months
Baby's menu at 10 months

For ten-month-old babies, nutritional norms are already quite individual. The more active the child is, the more appetite he will eat. Moms tend to be well aware of the needs of their children, so it is easy to determine the volume of each of the dishes that they are going to offer to the child.

Sample menu for a child of ten months

For a ten month old baby, nutrition should be well balanced, with a sufficient content of minerals. Allergenic foods should be avoided. You should not give your baby store-bought sweets. In addition, pickles, smoked and spicy foods should not be included in the child's diet.

When drawing up a menu, it is better to keep a fivefold diet for the child.

The first feed in the morning consists of formula or breast milk. If your child needs something else between the formula and breakfast, you can give him juice or herbal tea. So the feeling of hunger will be muted, and the baby is accustomed to a certain routine.

For breakfast, rice, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge with milk or cottage cheese with the addition of fruit puree are suitable.

For lunch, you can cook: for the first - vegetable broth, for the second - meatballs from dietary meats, for example, veal, beef or poultry. Make baby vermicelli or vegetable puree as a side dish. Once or twice a week, you can steam fish cakes, soufflé.

For dinner, offer the baby half of the boiled chicken yolk, mashed potatoes - fruit or vegetable. Add a crouton to the dish.

Breast milk or kefir is good before bed.

Helpful hints

If the baby wakes up very early, it is better to observe the approximate feeding time as follows: starting at six in the morning, arrange a meal for the child every four hours. That is: 6-00, 10-00, 14-00, 18-00, 22-00. If your baby wakes up later, just move the feeding time. Try to bring the diet closer to an adult - babies like to eat with their parents.

Semolina porridge in the diet of a child ten months old is not recommended - it can be introduced into the diet no earlier than one year. There are almost no useful substances in it, but carbohydrates are contained in large quantities.

It is convenient to replace part of breast milk with kefir. It is very useful for the child, as it improves the functioning of both the stomach and intestines. Kefir is absorbed much easier than milk; it can be introduced into the diet from the age of eight months. By the year, instead of kefir, you can serve cow's milk.

You can not overfeed your baby before bedtime - because of heavy food, he will sleep restlessly.

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