How To Make A Highchair With Your Own Hands

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How To Make A Highchair With Your Own Hands
How To Make A Highchair With Your Own Hands

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When the baby reaches the age of six months, the question of purchasing a highchair for the parents arises. In addition to being used for the convenience of feeding babies, in the future it can be useful for other purposes, for example, for various developmental activities with a baby.

How to make a highchair with your own hands
How to make a highchair with your own hands

With a wide range of ready-made highchairs, upon closer examination, nuances always arise that, for one reason or another, do not suit parents. This can be a wide and bulky design of a highchair or the presence of short-lived plastic elements.

Why do parents prefer a homemade highchair?

DIY baby chair making is maturing with the wide range of bright but impractical or unsafe highchairs for sale. Self-production of such a piece of furniture implies that only proven materials will be used, all the desired dimensions are observed and the quality of all fastening elements is guaranteed.

With the choice of the design and the scheme of a home-made highchair, if you have little technical skills and desire, problems will not arise. For simplicity, for example, you can use a regular wooden chair as a base, to which you can easily attach additional elements.

High chair manufacturing

It is best to use wood as a material for making a chair, as it is easy to work with and an environmentally friendly material. If there are bars in the chair structure, it is advisable to choose smooth wooden blanks that do not have cracks, knots and resin inclusions in their structure.

For the countertop and the surface of possible supporting structures, plywood sheets, boards of small thickness or chipboard (particle boards) can be used. When choosing the use of boards, it is necessary to provide for the location of the manufactured elements at an angle of 45 degrees to the direction of the wood grain, which will increase their strength.

The vertical dimensions of the chair from the seat to the table surface are determined using the proportions of the size of an adult chair and the height of an adult, which are then used to calculate the required height. The rest of the dimensions can be easily varied for reasons of compactness and convenience.

The design of the highchair must provide for the presence of:

- supports and restraints for legs;

- armrests;

- a table with limiters on the surface;

- comfortable back, in size not exceeding the height of the baby's back.

After manufacturing and assembly, the surface of all elements of the chair must be cleaned with fine emery cloth and covered with a protective layer of varnish or paint. All that remains to be done then is to think over the soft seats and backrest, using foam rubber or other material for softness. For convenience, it is recommended to make removable covers from washable or easily washable material.

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