How To Make A Toy Parachute

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How To Make A Toy Parachute
How To Make A Toy Parachute
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Childhood is a time of exciting games in which the child is limited only by his own imagination. Any child is happy to launch homemade boats on the water and launch airplanes and helicopters into the sky, and surely every child and every adult will be pleased to launch a homemade parachute into flight, to which you can attach any toy figure, for example, a soldier.

How to make a toy parachute
How to make a toy parachute


Step 1

You can make a parachute in different ways, and in all ways you will need items that are always at hand in any home. For example, you can make a parachute from a transparent plastic bag.

Step 2

To do this, take a pair of scissors and cut the bag along the side line and then along the top line to make a polyethylene rectangle. Take strong threads and tie the lines to the parachute - for this, put the rectangle in front of you vertically and attach one end of the line to the upper left corner of the rectangle, and the other end to the lower right corner.

Step 3

Then repeat the same with the remaining two corners - tie the second line to them so that the lines cross in the center. Fold the bag in half over yourself, and then align the threads by tying a knot in the center and leaving a small tail of thread to tie the future pilot. By tying a toy to a parachute, you can launch it into the air.

Step 4

Also, as a material for a parachute, you can use not polyethylene, but a thin and light fabric - for example, a handkerchief. Use a needle and thread to sew each corner of the handkerchief, forming lines of equal length, and then tie the ends of the lines to the figure that you will parachute into the sky.

Step 5

To make the toy even more interesting, you can tie not a simple, but a moving figure to the parachute. Such a toy parachute will be a great entertainment for a child during outdoor walks and outdoor games.

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