Children's Contests In Nature

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Children's Contests In Nature
Children's Contests In Nature

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A picnic with children, especially small ones, is not perceived by everyone as a good rest. Kids get tired of new experiences or languish from idleness, because adults do not allow them to run away into the woods or play by the fire. To turn an outing into nature into a common holiday, it is enough to prepare games and contests for younger participants in advance.

In the forest or by the river, children will love the mobile contests
In the forest or by the river, children will love the mobile contests

For the quick and agile

The easiest way is to arrange entertainment for children in the forest, because everything you need for this literally lies under your feet. Do the kids want adventure? Arrange for a start collecting cones in the meadow chosen for rest. First, it will be easy to clear it for other games. Secondly, children will stretch well. To add interest, announce a competition. Participants can be divided into teams or play according to the principle "every man for himself." The presenter announces the start of the game and marks the pre-agreed time. After the signal, the players stop collecting the cones and calculate the “harvest”. Summing up the results of the first competition, the cones are used in the following games.

For example, you can draw a circle on the ground and mark a line a few meters from it that you cannot step over. Players take turns tossing bumps in a circle. Whoever hits more than ten or five attempts is the winner. In another competition, it is better to involve adults and divide all participants into two or more teams. Children should collect an equal number of cones and stand inside the circles drawn on the ground. At the signal from the presenter, they begin to throw cones over the line, and pick them up at the adult players. The team wins, where the children will be the first to throw out all the cones, and the adults will collect them.

Prepare prizes in advance, including consolation ones, for the participants of the contests. Otherwise, upset children may not enjoy the holiday.

All the children can also be taught a simple and beloved game of "potatoes" for many generations. To do this, take a volleyball with you to nature. All participants in the game stand in a large circle and take turns hitting the thrown ball (for this, the youngest need to be taught the simplest volleyball techniques). Those who missed the ball squat in the center of the circle. The remaining players can help them out by hitting the ball so that it hits the seated ones. If someone from the center of the circle manages to jump and intercept the flying ball, all those who are sitting return to the game, and those who are standing in a circle take their place. Although they usually play "potato" until you get bored, you can turn it into a competition. The winners are those who have never sat down in the center for a certain time or "saved" the most players from the circle.

Inflow of creativity

It is good to keep the smallest ones on a picnic with more relaxed games, so that they do not get tired early and do not burst into tears. For example, propose a competition for handicrafts made from natural materials - little people made of cones, houses and sand, etc. To do this, you should grab a piece of plasticine from home. From stones you can build pyramids - whose are higher and more stable. Teach girls to weave wreaths and announce a forest princess competition with dandelion and burdock costumes. You need to hold a children's fashion show before the flowers wilted.

If the outing happened in winter, quiet games will not work - it's too easy to freeze.

If you are lucky enough to find a clearing in the forest with untouched snow cover, hold a drawing competition in the snow. You can draw lines with sticks or trample underfoot, and decorate pictures with rowan berries and leaves that have not fallen in autumn.

But you can hold a snowman competition or build small snow fortresses, divide the children into teams and arrange snowball fights.

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