How To Quickly Heal A Child's Throat

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How To Quickly Heal A Child's Throat
How To Quickly Heal A Child's Throat

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No matter how parents protect their child from drafts, infections and viruses, it is hardly possible to avoid a cold. And sore throat is one of the first symptoms of it. Although most medications and treatments are not compatible with infancy, parents can help your baby recover quickly.

How to quickly heal a child's throat
How to quickly heal a child's throat

It is necessary

  • - warm drink;
  • - drops for rinsing the nose;
  • - pipette, aspirator;
  • - a mixture of herbs: chamomile, oak bark;
  • - 1 glass of goat milk, 1 tbsp. l. Flaxseed.


Step 1

Call your pediatrician home. Let the doctor examine your child, give recommendations for treatment and advice on patient care.

Step 2

Maintain the optimal air temperature and humidity level in the baby's room. Air the nursery constantly, carry out daily wet cleaning.

Step 3

Give your baby a warm drink as often as possible. The liquid softens irritated mucous membranes, helps to remove the infection from the body. However, keep in mind that cold drinks or overly hot drinks will only make the situation worse.

Step 4

Rinse the baby's nose with special nasal drops, seawater using a pipette. Make sure that mucus does not accumulate in the nasopharynx. Suck it off in time with a small rubber bulb, nasal aspirator.

Step 5

Prepare a decoction of chamomile and oak bark if your baby is not allergic to medicinal herbs. Pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, cover and wrap with a tea towel. Insist for 15-20 minutes. You can also buy ready-made herbal sachets for throat treatment at the pharmacy and brew them according to the instructions.

Step 6

Treat your baby's throat with a cooked herbal decoction. Wash your hands thoroughly. Wrap a piece of sterile bandage or gauze around your index finger and dip it in warm broth. Gently lubricate the back of your throat and the root of your baby's tongue. Carry out the procedure in a playful way.

Step 7

Bring 1 cup fresh goat milk to a boil. Add 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed. Cook for about 5-10 minutes. Soak a clean napkin in warm linseed milk broth, wring it out and place it on the baby's neck area.

Step 8

Breastfeed your baby whenever possible if he / she is breastfeeding. Breast milk contains antibodies that fight pathogens. In addition, breast milk provides the baby with all the necessary nutrients. When a baby has a sore throat, he can become moody, irritable. You need to show more patience and care during this period. Hug the child, hold it in your arms, sit next to the crib. Your love will help him to endure discomfort more easily.

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