How To Look At A Child's Throat

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How To Look At A Child's Throat
How To Look At A Child's Throat
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Parents are at a loss: the child is worried about something, cries, something is clearly not right. They are concerned about how to get the baby's throat checked. This procedure is not the most pleasant, and even a doctor with experience will not always be able to do it gently and painlessly.

How to look at a child's throat
How to look at a child's throat


Step 1

The child gets angry, pushes everyone away, there is a danger of injury to the oral mucosa. And yet, parents are the closest people, and the baby will more easily trust you than the pediatrician. It is good if both parents are involved.

Step 2

Sit on a chair or sofa, take your baby, sit on your lap and calm down. Lean back slightly with it. To examine the throat, you will need a small pen-shaped flashlight (available at the pharmacy). In addition, a small spoon is useful; there should be no sharp protrusions on its handle.

Step 3

Usually, trying to see the throat, they say to the child: "Say ah-ah and stick out your tongue." However, such an action can provoke a gag reflex in the baby, which will again set him up for a belligerent mood. You do not need to ask to stick out your tongue, it is enough if he just opens his mouth, and you gently hold his tongue with a spoon or spatula. At this point, let the child just breathe deeply through his mouth. As a result, the tongue will lower itself, and the soft palate, on the contrary, will rise and, thus, the examination of the oral cavity will not cause any difficulties. And the child will not be afraid of this simple procedure in the future.

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