Defeating Colic

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Defeating Colic
Defeating Colic
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Almost all parents whose child turns a couple of weeks are faced with such a phenomenon as colic. It is especially important to recognize them and try to relieve the pain as much as possible. Colic is known to be abdominal cramps caused by gas. How to deal with them?

Defeating colic
Defeating colic


Step 1

Doctors recommend using some acceptable medications. These include: "Sub-simplex", "Espumisan", "Bobotik". But they help not only not all children, but also not for a long time.

Step 2

In addition, doctors recommend drinking tea with fennel (dill) or the most ordinary brewed dill water. But he will not be able to help if you use it from attack to attack, so such infusions must be taken constantly.

Step 3

If all of the above does not help, then you can take the child vertically facing you, tighten his legs and give him a tour of the apartment. The legs will press on the tummy, releasing gaziki, and the excursion itself will take place with stories or songs.

Step 4

Take a clean, iron-heated diaper. Press the diaper against the tummy and the baby against you.

Step 5

Stroke the baby's tummy strictly clockwise or massage.

Step 6

Put your child on his back, and then raise and lower his legs bent at the knees

Step 7

Put your baby to sleep on his stomach if he likes it.

Step 8

Give your baby a warm bath.

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