How To Fix A Baby Chair

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How To Fix A Baby Chair
How To Fix A Baby Chair

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The baby's stool in the first days of life reaches 6-8 times per day - with breastfeeding, with artificial - 3-4 times. It is worthwhile to be wary if the child empties less often 1-2 times. The problem may be not only in the health of the baby, but also in the lifestyle, nutrition of the nursing mother.

How to fix a baby chair
How to fix a baby chair


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The reasons for an irregular emptying of a child are varied. Constipation and malnutrition of a nursing mother is one of them. The child, along with milk, receives either an insufficient amount of substances, or those that have a bad effect on the body. With artificial feeding, food may not be absorbed, but begin to ferment in the stomach. Also, an insufficient amount of fluid affects the baby's stool.

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The causes of constipation sometimes lie in congenital problems with the intestines, a decrease in immunity and the ingestion of a harmful virus or bacillus. Metabolic disorders and the accumulation of too much feces make it difficult to pass it through the intestines. Some babies face such a problem during the period of the appearance of the first teeth or a violation of the usual diet, sleep and wakefulness. To identify the true cause and treatment of constipation, you need to consult a pediatrician or resort to home methods of fixing a chair.

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At the first signs of constipation in an infant, a nursing mother should reconsider her diet. She should consume a sufficient amount of fermented milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits, various cereals and drink at least 2.5 liters of clean water per day. If the baby is bottle-fed, add these ingredients to their diet in small portions. Chop vegetables and mix with vegetable oil.

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Feed your baby special formula containing dietary fiber. Such nutrition improves digestion and bowel function. It is better if in the first year of life the baby feeds only on mother's milk, it is well digested and contains all the necessary elements.

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To improve the baby's chair, massage the tummy in a clockwise direction. Then, with gentle movements of the fingers from the sides to the center, to the navel. Do not press hard, massage with stroking movements. While playing with your child, help him move more actively - this activates the intestines.

Step 6

In pharmacies, you can buy the drug "Mikrolax". The tool is so safe that it is allowed to use it even for children in the first days of life. Such enemas act on intractable masses, dissolving and removing them. After 5-15 days, the stool should improve. Procedures of this kind can only be prescribed and performed by doctors. If home remedies do not work and the baby continues to suffer from constipation, contact the clinic for help to avoid dire consequences.

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