How To Choose A Chair For Your Child

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How To Choose A Chair For Your Child
How To Choose A Chair For Your Child

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The child must sit correctly at the table, this will exclude various disorders in the development of the skeletal system and joints. If the chair is chosen correctly, good lymph and blood circulation is ensured during exercise, the child is less tired. As a result, he is more successful and learns better.

How to choose a chair for your child
How to choose a chair for your child


Step 1

When going shopping, take your child with you so as not to make a mistake in your choice. In the store, sit the baby on a chair, and it will become clear to you whether it is suitable for the baby. Pay attention to the position of the baby's legs. It is unacceptable for the child's legs to hang without reaching the floor. Find a chair in which the baby can lean back and easily place the entire surface of the foot on the floor.

Step 2

Consider a chair that adjusts the height of the chair. It is very convenient. The chair will suit the baby now and will “grow” with him further.

Step 3

Choose a chair in which the child will not be constrained in movement and, at the same time, will not "sink" in the chair. Place the hands of the crumbs on the armrests, note that the baby should freely reach the objects on the table. Pay attention to the sides, they should not squeeze the baby.

Step 4

Give preference to a chair with a special, easy-to-clean cover. After all, the fabric upholstery will get dirty almost immediately, and the oilcloth, sticking to the baby's delicate skin, will cause discomfort. It is desirable that the cover is on a clasp, and it can be removed and washed at any time.

Step 5

For your baby's safety, choose a chair with rubberized legs. And if the legs have wheels, then the presence of clamps-brakes is required.

Step 6

Pay attention to the seat, it should be fixed in one position, not allowing it to roll off the chair. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and your shins perpendicular.

Step 7

Stronger than other chairs made of wood and metal with a plastic top. When purchasing a chair, ask for a product certificate, which should contain information about the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the chair. If the chair is wooden, check to see if the varnish on the wood is toxic.

Step 8

Often, complete with chairs for babies, they offer to purchase tables. If this option suits your child, then when choosing a set, make sure that your knees do not rest on the tabletop. Pay special attention to the countertop. Practical models with surfaces that have special grooves for dishes. They are made so that the kid does not overturn the plate and cup, and during modeling or drawing, he can place a glass of water for watercolors and plasticine in these recesses. There are double-sided countertops. Their convenience lies in the fact that, in addition to the dining table, they can act as a playing surface.

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