How To Choose A Chair For A Student

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How To Choose A Chair For A Student
How To Choose A Chair For A Student
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According to statistics, 50% of children are admitted to school with a diagnosis of "poor posture". While the spine is forming, this can be corrected. The child spends most of the day sitting on a chair for lessons. It is necessary to choose the right chair for the student.

How to choose a chair for a student
How to choose a chair for a student


Step 1

When choosing a chair, remember that the child is growing, and you will have to change the height of the seat several times over the school years, so as not to disturb his posture and not spoil his eyesight. Decide for yourself which chair you will buy: an office chair with adjustable height and backrest tilt, depending on the child's height, or an ordinary one, on which you will have to put a firm cushion and put a bench under your feet.

Step 2

Determine the required height right in the store. To do this, put the student on a chair. The soles of the feet should be flat on the floor, the back should be pressed tightly against the back. Determine the angle that formed as a result of bending the knees. It should be straightforward. An obtuse angle means that the height is too high, an acute angle means that the height is too small for the child. Be sure to check if the edge of the seat rests against its popliteal cap.

Step 3

To choose the right chair for a student, check how much weight it is designed for. Does it match your baby's weight?

Step 4

Carefully inspect the chair: how its parts are processed, whether there are any sharp corners, how well the assembly was made.

Step 5

Check for a quality certificate. The materials from which the chair is made must be environmentally friendly and meet quality standards. Children's chairs are made of chipboard, plywood and solid wood. Chipboard is a cheap material, it is heavy and contains a lot of resins, does not tolerate wet cleaning, and this is a significant drawback for children's furniture. The ideal material for her is natural wood. For finishing, varnishes and paints from natural raw materials should be used. Check it out when making a purchase. And make the right choice.

Step 6

Consider the fact that you are buying this item for a child. He should feel comfortable. Be sure to ask his opinion on this matter before choosing a model.

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