How To Fix Jumpers

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How To Fix Jumpers
How To Fix Jumpers

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Jumpers are simply an irreplaceable thing for a growing child. They help strengthen the muscles of the legs and back, prepare the child for upright posture, and develop motor coordination. Today the market offers a huge selection of jumpers, the question remains: how to properly fix them in order to get the maximum benefit and avoid injuries?

How to fix jumpers
How to fix jumpers


Step 1

The classic option is to fix the jumpers on a dowel driven in over the doorway. It is on the dowel, and not on the nail, be it the largest and most durable. In addition, the doorway should not be drywall and should be wide enough to allow the child to swing in different directions. There is one more thing that is not very convenient in this case: sometimes the doorway has a sill, which makes it difficult for the baby to move and increases the possibility of injury.

Step 2

The second option is to hang the jumpers on the hook designed for the chandelier. In this case, it is necessary to check the fastening for strength, in order to again avoid an accident, since the baby jumps in jumpers with very decent strength. The most tried and tested method is dad, who checks the reliability of the fastening with his own weight. This method is remarkable in that it creates true freedom of movement, and this is precisely the purpose of the jumpers.

Step 3

The third option is to fix the jumpers on the crossbar of the sports wall. There are walls that hold on dowels driven into the wall, there are options for spacers from floor to ceiling. In any case, they are very reliable and will provide safe movement for the baby.

Step 4

Using the last idea, place a special movable beam, metal or wood, in the apartment, on which you can hang strong hooks. This design is convenient in that, if desired, you can easily move the simulator or, on the contrary, push it to the desired distance from the wall. On such a beam, you can subsequently attach a children's swing, it is very convenient and, most importantly, it is safe.

Step 5

Fasten the jumpers so that the child touches the floor with bent legs. Then he can straighten them, push off and jump. Buckle all fasteners securely. Place the baby's hands on the axillary rollers, this will reduce the load on the spine.

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