How To Weave From Beads For Children

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How To Weave From Beads For Children
How To Weave From Beads For Children

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Making beaded products is a very exciting activity, especially if you are weaving something for children. To prevent it from becoming tedious, it is important to choose the right material and organize the workplace.

How to weave from beads for children
How to weave from beads for children


Step 1

To weave any product for a child, first of all, decide what shape it will be. Based on this, choose a way of weaving the product and start developing an ornamental composition. At first, do not tackle the manufacture of complex products that are assembled from a large number of parts and with different lowering techniques.

Step 2

Start with simple products and limit yourself to one way of lowering. When you start beading, get the threads on which you will string the beads. It is most convenient to use nylon threads, which are strong enough with a small thickness, but they are very slippery and inelastic.

Step 3

If you are making figurines for children, use copper wire, which can be used to shape the product into any shape. You can also use brass thread or fishing line. Use green brass wire for flowers and leaves, and cotton thread and twisted sewing thread for jewelry.

Step 4

Work with special beaded needles, they are thin enough and will easily pass through the holes in the beads. Also prepare a pair of scissors, pliers, glue and special accessories, depending on what type of product you will be weaving. Correctly selected bases, frames or blanks are of great importance for weaving volumetric products.

Step 5

For round boxes, salt shakers, Easter eggs, pens, use wooden blanks, which can be purchased in special stores. And for baubles, bracelets, children's souvenirs, use round, spherical, rectangular and cylindrical bases.

Step 6

Immediately before weaving, work out a sketch or working drawing of products for children. If you don't have enough imagination, choose ready-made patterns in magazines or books.

Step 7

Weave a toy snake for your child. To do this, type one, and then two beads on a wire or fishing line and thread the threads towards them, then two more times. Continue braiding until the snake tail is the desired length (about 7-10 cm). Now start to weave the head, for this dial two rows of three beads each.

Step 8

Then the next row - one bead of a different color, for example, yellow - a snake's eye, three regular and one more eye. Next, cast on a row of three beads and one more final one. If you were braiding a snake on a fishing line, hide the ends and set them on fire with a match or candle. And if you were braiding on a wire, then twist the forked tongue from the remaining ends of the snake.

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