How To Bathe A Newborn Baby Girl

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How To Bathe A Newborn Baby Girl
How To Bathe A Newborn Baby Girl

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Young parents need to know how to properly care for their newborn baby. Frequently asked questions are about bathing babies, especially girls.

How to bathe a newborn baby girl
How to bathe a newborn baby girl


Step 1

Bathe the newborn girl before feeding, but never after, because after feeding, the baby falls asleep. The time before dinner is considered very convenient. To prevent the child from feeling hungry while he is being bathed, give him juice before bathing.

Step 2

For daily bathing, choose the warmest, draft-free area (e.g. kitchen). Remove rings, watches, bracelets from your hands so as not to scratch the delicate body of the newborn. Prepare a towel, soap (non-alkaline), a cloth, if necessary, powder or oil, cotton wool, diapers. Place the tray on the table. Check the water temperature, it should be approximately the same as the body temperature (32-38 degrees). Pour very little water into the bath. To prevent the bottom from feeling slippery, lay a diaper. Overcome your fear, and the child will not seem completely helpless to you. If possible, ask your relatives (mother or husband) for help. After a while, you will feel much more confident.

Step 3

Support the girl well. Start washing with the face and head, use a cotton swab. Wash your head with soap twice a week. Then lather the body with your hand, paying particular attention to the skin folds. Take your time and do not rush the child, enjoy the bath. Washing is a mandatory hygienic procedure for girls. Flush only the auricles, not the ear canal. The eyes are flushed with tears that form constantly. Healthy eyes do not need rinsing. Clean your nose with a rolled up damp cotton swab.

Step 4

Dry the girl slowly with a soft towel. Try not to rub, but to get wet. Wipe the navel thoroughly with a sterile cotton swab. Use talcum powder after bathing if baby's skin is sensitive and easily irritated. Dry skin of the baby can be eliminated with a special oil.

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