What A Woman Should Be

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What A Woman Should Be
What A Woman Should Be

Video: What A Woman Should Be

Video: What A Woman Should Be
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The ideal is a subjective concept, and according to some, it simply does not exist. Nevertheless, scientists have been racking their brains for more than one year over the question: what should be a real woman? Make it up by a photo robot and explore the inner world.

What a woman should be
What a woman should be

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For a real woman, there is no need to have ideal parameters or to sparkle with a white-toothed smile - like from the covers of glossy magazines. But there must be something special in her appearance that will attract others, arouse interest, soothe and create a feeling of happiness.

She should not be afraid to emphasize her individuality. This is still her zest, and blind imitation of others is not her strong point.

Such a girl is unlikely to overdo it with makeup, put on something vulgar and defiant.

She must know that a mystery is important in a woman. This is what gives the young lady a certain charm. In addition, she should know what kind of clothes suits her, will help to emphasize the advantages and disguise the flaws.

It is important to learn how to look very feminine: work on a flying gait, neatly lay flowing curls, keep your back straight, demonstrating your beautiful posture to others. You should not look like painted dolls spending half a day in beauty salons, but at the same time you should always look neat and well-groomed in any situation.


A real woman should literally radiate love, and warm everything around with her warmth. It should be nice to be around her. Not only thanks to her ability to create comfort around her, but also her ability to listen. She should be responsive to requests for help and show compassion for those in need. In addition, a true woman should not allow herself to let go of rudeness towards other people, behave tactlessly, speak obscenely, and so on.

In addition, the ideal woman should have worldly wisdom, therefore, it is enough to calmly relate to life's troubles and other troubles, and go through all difficulties with dignity with your head held high.

On the other hand, she is still a flirt. And it does it quite naturally.

Also, a real woman should know her own worth and not allow anyone to offend or offend herself, even when it comes to her beloved man.

Among other things, a true representative of the fair sex should have a fairly wide range of interests, and not focus exclusively on children and family. She should try to realize herself in this life. Such a desire will make her an even more attractive person and will delight those around her.

It is important that a woman, as they say, “has a brain”. It's interesting to talk with such a person, and I want to ask for advice. Foolish people rarely evoke more than irritation or compassion. At best, tenderness.

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