How To Get To Eaglet

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How To Get To Eaglet
How To Get To Eaglet

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Children's camp "Eaglet" is located near Tuapse, on the Black Sea coast. All year round, the camp takes children to rest. Sea air, attentive teachers, good food, exciting activities - favorable conditions for relaxation.

How to get to Eaglet
How to get to Eaglet

It is necessary

  • - copy of passport or birth certificate;
  • - a trip to the camp;
  • - medical card;
  • - certificate of sanitary and epidemiological well-being;
  • - a copy of the medical insurance policy.


Step 1

Check out the official information presented on the website of "Orlyonok" and select the date (or month) of arrival.

Step 2

Send by fax (86167) 92-7-06 an application for the purchase of a voucher, where indicate the name of one of the parents, the full name of the child, date of birth, place of residence, number of the desired shift (usually coincides with the ordinal number of the calendar month), indicate the name of the camp (Sunny, Swift, Patrol, Komsomolsky, Star, Storm). Also indicate how you want to pay for the voucher - in cash upon arrival at the camp or by bank transfer. In this case, you will be sent a receipt. Print and pay for it.

Step 3

Buy tickets to Tuapse, calculating the time of arrival at the beginning of the shift. Notify the camp management about the arrival of a child or a group of children. Provide the date, train and carriage number so that they can be met at the station. Provide children and accompanying persons with all necessary phone numbers to avoid problems as much as possible. After meeting at the station, a special bus will take the children to the hotel evacuation base, and then directly to the camp.

Step 4

If you are unable to send your child to Orlyonok on your own, contact, depending on the situation, the local self-government bodies, the department of the Ministry of Education, the department of social security, where they may be able to help you. Since the camp is a state institution, it is likely that vouchers will be allocated at the regional level.

Step 5

You can also go to the "Eaglet" as a counselor. If you are 20-26 years old, you have any higher or secondary special socio-pedagogical education, send your resume to the address of the camp. After approval of your application, collect the necessary documents: passport, medical book, medical policy, educational diploma, photo, pension insurance certificate and police clearance certificate. Under an employment contract, you will have to work for at least 1 year.

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