How To Talk To Your Daughter About Your Period

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How To Talk To Your Daughter About Your Period
How To Talk To Your Daughter About Your Period

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The first menstruation is an exciting event both for the girl herself and for her parents. Adolescence is filled with anxiety and doubt. Therefore, it is very important to give your child useful and necessary information that will help him prepare for the upcoming physiological and psychological changes.

The first period is an exciting and joyful event
The first period is an exciting and joyful event


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The growing up of a girl is accompanied by changes of a physiological and psychological nature. This period is not without doubts and worries. Yesterday's child begins to change before our eyes, turning into an adult girl. In adolescence, the angular figure of the girl is rounded, becoming more feminine. Breasts begin to grow, hair appears under the armpits and in the intimate parts of the body. The level of sex hormones in the body rises, triggering puberty.

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Around the age of 10 to 16, adolescent girls begin their first menstrual period (menarche). The first period for every girl is an exciting and joyful event. Psychological characteristics (emotions, reactions, behavior) of each person are individual. Therefore, the attitude of adolescent girls to the upcoming event as a process of growing up is also different. So, some girls are looking forward to the onset of the first menstruation, while others experience various fears and worries about this.

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Having a frank conversation about growing up and her first menstrual period can help eliminate the cause of the growing up girl's anxiety. It is important that the teenager has the opportunity to discuss delicate moments with an adult of the same sex: mom, older sister, grandmother. It is known that the hereditary factor also affects the age of the onset of the first menstruation. It is possible that the daughter's first period will begin at about the same age as her mother's.

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If a mother conducts a conversation on the topic of the menstrual cycle with a girl, then she needs to share her own experiences and experiences. Such psychological support will help the teenage child understand that the first menstruation is an important and fearless process that all women go through.

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In a confidential conversation, it is important to find out the exciting moments, clarify them and answer all the questions that arise. As a rule, girls are worried about the amount of upcoming blood loss during menstruation and pain. Complete information about the features of the menstrual cycle in this case will greatly ease the worries of the teenager. Particular attention should be paid to the issue of intimate hygiene, signs of the onset of the first menstruation and its characteristics.

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It is also recommended to supplement the teenager's knowledge with the help of special literature (encyclopedias, brochures) and educational films. It is necessary to select books in which the process of menstruation is accessible and understandable, and then look through them with the girl.

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