How To Convince Parents

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How To Convince Parents
How To Convince Parents

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Sometimes it is very difficult to convince parents of something, especially when it comes to serious things, for example, buying a computer, an aquarium, a dog, or letting you visit your friends overnight.

How to convince parents
How to convince parents


Step 1

If you really need to convince your parents of something, but you do not know how, first try to understand what prevents them from giving their consent right away. There is no need to quarrel, but just find out their reaction to your request.

Step 2

In order for your request not to look like a childish whim, which is not worth paying attention to, think about why you need that thing or a trip so much.

Step 3

You can say that your friends have a similar laptop, mobile phone, or their parents let them go on a camping trip, and you will be forced to stay at home. You can give examples only after you can explain why the given thing is important to you.

Step 4

If you promise your parents something in return for a purchase, a trip, you should keep this promise, otherwise the next time they will not believe you and consider you not a responsible enough person and not an adult enough to trust you. For example, you promised that if you buy a laptop, you will graduate this year with excellent marks. But you are too lazy to learn lessons, you want to play new exciting games, take a walk on the street. You break a promise, and as a result, your parents may simply take your computer away from you until your academic performance reaches the level you promised.

Step 5

Never quarrel with your parents if you ask them for something. If you cannot buy an expensive item due to lack of money, then you should not scream, fall on the floor in hysterics, blame your parents for poverty - they are doing everything they can to keep you dressed and well fed. Try giving up some of your pocket money in order to pay some of the money for the thing you want. This will once again prove to your parents that you are already old enough and know the value of money.

Step 6

If you need to go somewhere, then do not hesitate and call your friends, whom your parents trust, for help. If your friends vouch for you, then it is quite possible to get permission for the event you are planning.

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