How To Convince A Girl To Date You

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How To Convince A Girl To Date You
How To Convince A Girl To Date You

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If you have finally met the girl of your dreams and want to continue meeting her in the hope of love and long-term prospects, but she is not ready to date you, then you will have to make an effort to convince her otherwise. To begin with, ask if she is already a permanent partner and, if you are not afraid of rivalry, take action.

How to convince a girl to date you
How to convince a girl to date you


Step 1

Try to show yourself in her eyes as a responsible and reliable person. Women are very impressed by the willingness to take care and responsibility in men. They like it when a man shows himself as a leader, ready to help and solve the problems of those who belong to the circle of loved ones and people he loves. Show this quality of yours and they will surely be noticed and appreciated.

Step 2

Show yourself as an independent and independent person who counts on your strengths in life and is ready to solve emerging problems. Your independence should be supported by the fact that this will be facilitated by the education you have received, the desire to continue your career, work, earn money, which will be enough to support your family.

Step 3

Feel free to demonstrate your attentiveness and kindness - take an interest in her mood and well-being. Show empathy and notice when she's in trouble. Offer your help if she herself hesitates to contact you. This will be appropriate only when you are really kind and attentive, any girl will immediately feel the falsity in your behavior.

Step 4

Be generous. It is not at all necessary to give expensive gifts and invite to fancy restaurants. If you have a perspective in life, then the girl will agree and wait. Use any excuse to arrange even a small, but a holiday - to give a bouquet, invite to the cinema, for an interesting walk.

Step 5

A sense of humor won't hurt either. A person who can comfort you in a difficult moment with a joke, make you smile, already has every chance of success.

Step 6

Pay attention to your appearance. Always be neat. Women are able to notice every little thing that no man will pay attention to - dirty nails and shoes, torn socks, the smell of sweat or greasy uncut hair can alienate so many girls.

Step 7

It should be pleasant and calm with you. When a girl feels this way in your presence, it will become the most compelling and convincing factor that will make her want to date you and be together.

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