How To Avoid Conflicts While Shopping With Your Husband

How To Avoid Conflicts While Shopping With Your Husband
How To Avoid Conflicts While Shopping With Your Husband

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Going to the store with a man is a test for both. How to shop in a family format and not get into a fight?

Shopping with husband
Shopping with husband

So that this event does not turn into a failure and leave only pleasant impressions, you will have to turn on female cunning, show all your imagination, not forgetting about male psychology.

First, come up with a reward system. It will be easier for a man to help with purchases if he knows that "bonuses" are waiting for him. This can be a lunch in a cafe, a trip to a fishing trick or tool store, an unscheduled evening with friends, a visit to a sports event, a bathhouse, etc.

Second, make a clear plan and agree on the amount. Men are frightened by uncertainty and rushing from shelf to shelf. Put together a shopping list, including something for him. A clear understanding of the process and personal interest will play a role. Even if he says that he does not need anything, look at what he is carefully examining and buy him this thing as a gift.

Third, prepare in advance. Pre-visit the store or go to the Internet site and look for what you need, then come, try on and buy. So you save both yours and his nerves.

Fourth, don't take a hungry man shopping, or schedule a snack while shopping. Especially if it lasts more than two or three hours. A hungry husband is not the best company.

Fifth, be humane. Almost every man, getting into a store, becomes nervous and it seems to him that purchases will never end. Especially if at this moment a very important football match is on TV. Therefore, invite your man to choose the day, time and duration of shopping on his own. Even if it is not very convenient for you. After all, peace in the family is more precious.

Sixth, if it is possible to do without your husband in the shopping process, be loyal and leave him alone. Let him take a walk with the child, lie in front of the TV. While you calmly make purchases, and he will be attracted when, for example, you need to bring bags home or approve a choice.

Seventh, there are men who find it very difficult to part with money. Please understand this. Send your husband to warm the car or any other errand while you pay at the checkout.

Eighth, learn how to ask and express gratitude correctly. Men do not understand hints well. If you really need help, let your husband know in an affectionate way. Emphasizing in every possible way what a hero he is and you can't cope without him. Don't forget to thank later. Then he will again want to be needed and please you. Whether it's a joint shopping or an unplanned gift.

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