How To Name A Girl In December

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How To Name A Girl In December
How To Name A Girl In December

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The choice of a name for a future daughter is a responsible and very serious matter. After all, a name is given to a person once and for all his life. Some parents name their daughters after their distant grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Someone gives their little princesses the names of their favorite actresses. Some choose a name for their girl, based on the church calendar. Many are guided by the season and month of birth of their crumbs. What, for example, can you call a girl born in December?

Girls born in December are very hot-tempered and emotional
Girls born in December are very hot-tempered and emotional


Step 1

For babies born in the first winter month, December, the names are most suitable: Natalia, Polina, Irina and Vera. And here is a list of names that December girls should not be called: Tatiana, Alla, Elena and Alina. This is what the popular belief says about choosing the name of a child, taking into account the time of year and month of his birth.

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Some believing parents try to name their children according to the church calendar, according to the holy calendar. The date and month of birth of the child plays an important role here. In general, saints are a church calendar in which all holidays and days of memory of saints are marked. According to the calendar, the baby receives the name of the saint, whose memorial day falls on the date of birth of the child. To choose a name for a girl born in December, look at the Church calendar for the first winter month.

Step 3

On December 2, the name Euphemia (Efimia, Afimia, Ofimya) falls.

On December 3: Anna, Vaufa, Denakhisa, Thekla.

December 4: Glyceria (Lukerya).

December 5: Apphia, Cypriana (Cyprin), Cecilia (Cyclia).

December 7: Augusta, Catherine, Mastridia.

December 8: Anfisa, Victoria.

December 9: Anna.

December 10: Thekla.

December 14: Kallinika.

December 15: Myropia (Merope, Moropea).

December 16: Glyceria (Lukerya).

December 17: Barbara, Juliana (Juliana, Ulyana), Christodula.

December 20: Simferus, Stratia, Philothea.

December 21: Anfisa, Victoria.

December 22: Anna.

December 23: Angelina, Eulalia.

December 26: Anastasia, Cypriana (Cyprin), Lucia (Lucia).

December 28: Ioanna (Ivana, Ivana), Sosana (Susanna, Susana).

December 29: Solomonia, Sofia, Theophania.

December 31: Elizabeth (Elizabeth, Lisaveta, Lizaveta), Zoya, Sophia.

On December 1, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 24, 25, 27, 30, not a single day of the saint's memory falls.

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