How To Choose A Name For A December Child

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How To Choose A Name For A December Child
How To Choose A Name For A December Child

Video: How To Choose A Name For A December Child

Video: How To Choose A Name For A December Child
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Popular wisdom says that it is in winter that the brightest, but at the same time complex people are born, it is believed that it is not easy to communicate with them because of their character. You can try to soften the temper of the December child by choosing the right name for him.


Step 1

December people are usually distinguished by truthfulness, straightforwardness, and decency. It is very difficult for these people to cheat and intrigue, they rarely compromise, which can make life difficult for them. Therefore, you should not give children born at this time, names with a harsh meaning, it is better to select soft, "round", gentle options. Names like these will help balance the complex winter temperaments. For girls, names such as Yana, Irina, Svetlana, Elena are suitable, for boys - Sergey, Alexey, Anatoly, Roman, Vladimir.

Step 2

If you want your child to retain all the strong, positive, albeit difficult, winter character traits, you can choose names that energetically support the noticeable December qualities, allowing them to dominate other character traits. Straightforwardness and truthfulness will support the names Ekaterina and Anfisa for girls, and Gregory and Pavel for boys. Decency and uncompromisingness are reinforced by the names Zoya and Polina or Artem and Stepan.

Step 3

When choosing a name, you may want to consider compensating for the weaknesses of winter characters. The weaknesses and shortcomings of December children include impulsiveness, impetuosity, frivolity, optionality. People born at the beginning of winter cannot always sit still, they do not tolerate loneliness, they cannot live without communication, moreover, they almost always have financial difficulties that they cannot solve on their own. These character traits can be balanced or compensated for with restrained names. The boy is best called Constantine or Pavel, the girl - Maria or Catherine.

Step 4

You can use Orthodox saints to choose a name. In the past, it was customary to name children in honor of the saints, on the days of whose memory birth fell. This, as it were, connected the child and the heavenly patron, gave the newborn protection. According to Orthodox traditions, a child can be given a name within eight days after birth. Traditionally, you can choose one of the saints, whose days of remembrance fall on these eight days. When choosing, it is advisable to at least briefly get acquainted with the lives of these saints, often this helps to make the right choice.

Step 5

Always pay attention to how the chosen name is combined with a middle name. It is advisable to pay attention to the consonance of the resulting combination, and to the nuances of meaning. Before calling a child any name, it is advisable to look at its meaning in a special reference book.