How To Induce Labor At Home

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How To Induce Labor At Home
How To Induce Labor At Home

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A typical pregnancy lasts an average of 40 weeks. Childbirth is considered timely and at 38 weeks and at 42, that is, with a gap of almost a month. Doctors consider this to be quite normal, but for a woman walking around, every new day seems like an eternity. To speed up the appearance of the baby, you can try to resort to induction of labor at home.

The last days before childbirth can appear to a woman as infinity
The last days before childbirth can appear to a woman as infinity


Step 1

A woman can induce childbirth on her own only if her body is already ripe for this and it only lacks a small push to start the process, so you should not be afraid to harm yourself or the child. The main thing is not to overdo it, being carried away by evocation.

Step 2

If your pregnancy is proceeding without complications and the supervising doctor has not imposed a ban on sex, have sex. The semen contains prostaglandin - a biologically active substance that softens the cervix and stimulates the onset of labor.

Step 3

Oxytocin also takes part in starting labor, a woman can start the production of this hormone in the body on her own by simply stimulating the nipples. It is very important not to overdo it, massage the nipples with smooth and gentle movements, but only until the process causes you negative sensations. If during the massage you feel uncomfortable and even unwell, stop it immediately.

Step 4

Physical activity can also induce labor. Many women claim that they were helped by an intense walk, before which they ate a bar of dark chocolate.

Step 5

You can also induce labor with the help of one radical remedy that Western midwives have successfully used, but before deciding on it, make sure that if something happens you will have the opportunity to quickly get to the hospital, call a doctor or midwife.

The miracle remedy is a cocktail containing 50 g of castor oil, 100 g of apricot juice and 40 g of vodka. After taking a cocktail in a pregnant woman, the intestines begin to cleanse, under the influence of spasms of which the uterus also contracts. Labor can start quite suddenly, so be extremely careful. Check with your doctor before taking a shake, or do so under direct supervision.

Step 6

But no matter how difficult the last days may seem, no one stayed pregnant forever. Surrender to the passage of time and do not rush things. Your baby is also eager to meet you as soon as possible, as soon as he is ready for this, labor will begin on its own without additional help.

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