How To Meet A Son From The Army

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How To Meet A Son From The Army
How To Meet A Son From The Army

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Your son is returning from the army, you have not seen each other for a long time, and letters were practically the only means of communication. But the service time has come to an end, and he returns home. Of course, you need to meet him properly. This is a very joyful and exciting event, so think through and prepare all the important points in advance.

How to meet a son from the army
How to meet a son from the army


Step 1

Most likely, you know the exact time of arrival of the train on which your son will arrive. Meet him right at the station, so that as soon as he gets out of the car, he immediately understands how much everyone was waiting for him at home. For him, this is an exciting event, because he also missed his family. Also call your son's close friends to the station, they will also be happy to meet him.

Step 2

Then everyone usually goes home, where a laid table is already waiting. Some guests, for example, older family members, grandparents, who find it tiresome to go to the station, may meet him at home, at the same time setting the table. Table conversations are the time when you can ask your son how the service went, how everything went.

Step 3

Prepare for the feast in advance. In the army, your son hardly had to eat enough homemade food, so you need to meet him only with the most hearty and favorite dishes, no semi-finished products. Prepare all the traditional family meals and have as many meats on the table as possible. Don't forget about his favorite desserts like homemade cakes and biscuits. Better to have plenty of food than not enough.

Step 4

Shortly before your son returns home, clean up his room. Wipe off dust everywhere, ventilate the room, make bed linen. If in his absence you used the room, then free it from all strangers. Let, when he returns home, everything will be as if he never left.

Step 5

You have not seen each other for many months, during which your son has changed not only externally, but also internally. He matured, his character grew stronger and changed. Even if at first it will seem to you that he has moved away from you, be more delicate and softer. Ask him about plans for the future, but if the son does not want to talk about it, do not insist. Take good care of him, but do not impose the topic of the conversation.

Step 6

Make your son a homemade breakfast in the morning. You can ask what he wants the most. Surely the food that he used to eat at home reluctantly, for example, milk porridge, pancakes or cheese cakes, practically dreamed of him in the army.

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