How To Bless Your Son For Marriage

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How To Bless Your Son For Marriage
How To Bless Your Son For Marriage

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In the old days, it was believed that without parental blessings there would be no happiness for young people. In modern life, when many couples live together for a long time, and then decide to sign, they do not always even inform their parents. And yet, with the return of the wedding ceremony to our lives, many want to know how to correctly perform the parental blessing.

How to bless your son for marriage
How to bless your son for marriage


Step 1

First, you can bless your family every day, and if necessary, even several times a day. They are blessed for any undertaking, new business. But the parental blessing for marriage is special.

Step 2

Usually, parents bless their children for marriage when they announce their desire to get married. This announcement is called an engagement. Parents take the icon and re-baptize their children three times, wishing them a happy marriage. There is some kind of sacred secret in this. Even if the children are not believers, bless them anyway. With the blessing, the parents, as it were, draw God's love, God's mercy and God's protection into action. Even if you do not know the words of the prayer, then express it in your own words. After all, God hears us, even when we do not speak the words out loud.

Step 3

Say good and wise words of parting words. Your life experience is huge, share it with young people. Believers know that God's blessing that comes from a person is an expression of love and devotion to their neighbors. It gives peace and protection, does not bring sorrow and enriches a person. The Bible says that God blessed Adam and Eve. Imagine what would have happened to our world if God's blessing did not work, if there was no love for everyone, good and evil.

Step 4

Sometimes children go against their parents. The older generation does not always want to see one or another chosen one near their child. And then the parents do not want to bless the marriage.

Step 5

But parents who refuse to bless their children are unhappy people. They drive themselves into a dead end. Relationships break down, resentments accumulate. They can only be pitied. After all, the further it all drags on, the more difficult the reconciliation is.

Step 6

Well, children sometimes need to wait a little to win over their parents' hearts, and at the same time to test their feelings. Indeed, over time, when parents recognize your soul mate, they will see in her those good features that you have long discerned. And they will accept your choice. And bless the marriage.

Step 7

Bless also your son. The bride is usually blessed by her mother after the ransom by the groom. Because, according to tradition, the daughter leaves her home and goes to her husband's family.

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