How To Get Rid Of Complexes In Bed

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How To Get Rid Of Complexes In Bed
How To Get Rid Of Complexes In Bed

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Fear of failure, worries about your body, size, excess weight, fear of appearing unattractive - all these factors prevent you from relaxing in bed and enjoying sex. You need to get rid of such complexes - this will help to liberate yourself and achieve complete mutual understanding with your partner.

How to get rid of complexes in bed
How to get rid of complexes in bed


Step 1

Excess weight gives rise to a huge number of complexes, and, indeed, a flabby stomach, full hips, a swollen body under a baggy nightie does not contribute to liberation in bed. Take care of your body - limit flour, fatty, sweet, watch calorie portions. Try to eat dinner a few hours before bed. Go in for sports - choose what you like: Pilates, gym, aerobics. Dancing will teach you to control your body and get rid of complexes - sign up for oriental dances, pole dancing, strip plastic. If possible, sign up for pair dancing with your partner - hot Latin American dancing will bring you closer.

Step 2

Go shopping and choose your sexy lingerie: open lace thongs, lace bra, light, transparent chemise - choose according to your preferences. The main thing is that you like it yourself, that you want to wear this underwear. Stockings look insanely sexy on women's legs - choose the right size, buy a belt and garters and put them on before sex. The sparkle in your partner's eyes will take away any hint of complexes.

Step 3

Try to create an atmosphere: light candles, watch an erotic movie, turn on relaxing music, have a glass of wine, but don't overdo it. In such a mood, it is easier to relax and open up to your partner.

Step 4

Try to understand the nature of your complexes. Perhaps the reason is your partner. If a woman once did not react with understanding to a man's failure, mockery or ridicule took place, it is very likely that the next time the man will fail. Maybe you are not with someone who treats you with understanding and only provokes the emergence of complexes - reconsider your relationship. See a psychologist and sex therapist - experienced specialists will help you understand yourself.

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