How To Please Your Husband

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How To Please Your Husband
How To Please Your Husband

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Every woman wants to be an ideal wife in marriage, regardless of whether she got married a month ago or has been living with her husband for ten years. As a rule, the spouse's insecurity and low self-esteem appear in matters related to sex life. Even the most beautiful, slender and attractive women inevitably think about the question of whether they satisfy their man, and whether he will not look for additional pleasures somewhere on the side. To get rid of eternal doubts will help the confidence that your man is good with you.

How to please your husband
How to please your husband


Step 1

Do not try to change your partner, do it to please you. If, for example, a husband expresses his readiness to make love not every day, but a couple of times a week, or even less often, this does not mean that he has lost interest in you. Each man has his own needs, which are also affected by stress at work, the ecological atmosphere, smoking and alcohol, and even computer games.

Step 2

Find out more about your husband's wishes. To do this, do not hesitate to invite him to watch adult films together, and let him make the choice. If your husband refuses to share this spectacle with you, slowly find out which non-childish videos are stored in his computer folder. Just do not pounce on your man with accusations after that, but draw conclusions. After all, he looks at what he secretly desires. It can be a story about a depraved tigress in latex or, on the contrary, an innocent-looking nymphet in white socks. Take these looks into your arms and try to translate them into bed at the earliest opportunity.

Step 3

Representatives of the stronger sex, even the most courageous ones, love not only the process of making love, but also various preludes to it. Especially if you organize this prelude for him. Try to diversify your nights with an erotic massage using a special oil, buy various accessories in the form of stroking feathers, creams and lubricants for stimulation in the adult store. Don't be afraid to be proactive.

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