How To Stay Desirable For Your Husband

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How To Stay Desirable For Your Husband
How To Stay Desirable For Your Husband

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Time cannot be turned back. No matter how much women would like to always be as beautiful and slender as in girlhood, this, alas, is from the realm of fantasy. But it is quite possible to do so as to remain the most beloved and desired for her husband! You just need to really want it, and put some effort and imagination.

How to stay desirable for your husband
How to stay desirable for your husband


Step 1

Do not assume that a stamp in your passport and the presence of children will automatically tie your husband to you! Despite being busy and tired, be sure to find both the strength and the time to pay attention to yourself. Because even the most loving and devoted husband will sooner or later get tired of an unkempt, unkempt woman wandering around the house in an old dressing gown and shapeless slippers, without the slightest trace of makeup and former charm. And if, being disappointed, he looks for consolation on the side - only you will be to blame for this.

Step 2

Therefore, keep yourself in shape, and wear such a comfortable, but such non-sexy robe as rarely as possible! By the way, do not forget that women should wear beautiful underwear not only during the courtship of the future husband, but also after the wedding!

Step 3

Everything that is monotonous and familiar sooner or later “becomes boring. Whatever it was about: about the appearance, household and even about intimate life. Try to surprise both your husband and yourself with new products from time to time. Do original hairstyles, trying to determine which one most closely matches your style and character. Learn to cook new, exotic dishes.

Step 4

And in no case think that a decent married woman can only respond to the wishes of her spouse. Feel free to take the initiative in bed yourself, and do not limit yourself to the missionary position.

Step 5

Any normal married couple is very dear to their home. But this does not mean that we must close ourselves in four walls, all the more jealously watch that the husband does not go anywhere without his wife!

Step 6

Do not impose your society on him anywhere and everywhere. You will definitely not become more beloved and desirable from this! But if a smart wife understands that her husband needs personal space, that at least sometimes he needs to go fishing, meet old friends, the husband will certainly appreciate both her intelligence and delicacy!

Step 7

Every woman is very pleased to receive gifts, to hear words of love. But, oddly enough, many of them forget that men are also happy about this. Feel free to show your feelings. Tell your husband more often that you love him, that he is very dear to you. Do not forget about gifts, even very modest ones, for any reason, or just like that. A kind word, and even coupled with a gentle look and gentle touch, the man's response will not take long!

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