How To Invite A Girl To Take A Walk

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How To Invite A Girl To Take A Walk
How To Invite A Girl To Take A Walk

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To invite a girl you like for a walk is a tempting and at the same time frightening idea: suddenly she will refuse, or, even worse, agree … It is not clear where to go with her and what to talk about, and in general, she is so cool - why would she need me …

How to invite a girl for a walk
How to invite a girl for a walk


Step 1

The invitation should be polite in form. You shouldn't start it with the words: "Hey, friend …" - not all girls like the simplicity of manners. To make it easier to gather your courage and not look for a topic for conversation on a walk, it is best to offer a cultural program that will be of interest to both of you.

Step 2

If you want to invite a girl you know for a walk, then you know something about her hobbies. If you don't know too well, check with mutual friends. Find out if there is an exhibition somewhere on a topic that the girl is interested in: it could be arts and crafts, photography, or an exhibition of purebred animals. If the girl decides that you have common hobbies, your chances of successfully developing the relationship will greatly increase. You can ask the girl for advice on where to look at trained dogs or stone crafts, and invite her to go there together.

Step 3

If she loves sports, invite her on a ski or bike ride, to a tennis court, or to an artificial ice rink. Take a thermos with tea or cold kvass to nature - the girl will appreciate your care and foresight.

Step 4

If you have just met, and you have no mutual friends, you can invite her to the cinema, having previously found out her preferences, to a disco or to a cafe. If it is difficult to decide on an invitation immediately to a cafe, think - surely there are some interesting places in your city. Invite the girl to go there. True, if you have to get off-road, warn her in advance so that she puts on shoes accordingly - high heels are not very comfortable. After a walk, you can go to relax in a cafe - it will be convenient and natural.

Step 5

It is unacceptable for a man to be late for a meeting, while it is believed that a girl can afford a slight delay.

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