How To Get Your Wife To Stop Drinking

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How To Get Your Wife To Stop Drinking
How To Get Your Wife To Stop Drinking

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Female alcoholism is much worse than male alcoholism. It develops more rapidly and has too serious consequences. But, as a rule, women hide their addiction to the last. Therefore, it is very difficult to calculate this problem.

How to get your wife to stop drinking
How to get your wife to stop drinking


Step 1

Find out why your spouse started drinking. Female alcoholism just doesn't develop. It appears only if a woman has received (or, perhaps, is still receiving) severe psychological trauma. Eliminate the cause and its consequences. And only then start convincing your wife to stop drinking.

Step 2

Talk to her about the dangers of alcoholism as often as possible. But try to avoid accusations and insults. Your task is to convince her that she does not need alcohol. If you have convinced her of this, it is time to treat. Most likely, you cannot do without it, because addiction manifests itself not only at the psychological, but also at the physiological level. And not drinking alcohol can be physically impossible.

Step 3

Find a course of treatment that gives you more confidence. At the moment, there are a huge number of ways. This is acupuncture, and coding, and hypnosis, and conspiracies, and taking medications. Just do not count everything. But they only help if the person himself decided to quit drinking. It is impossible to force a person (especially a woman) to give up alcohol.

Step 4

If the result does not appear, and the woman still continues to drink alcohol, it is worth scaring her. Pick up drops or tablets that are tasteless and odorless, which, when combined with alcohol, cause discomfort. At the moment, there are many such medicines.

Step 5

Subtly add medicine to her food or drink. The next time you drink alcohol, your spouse will feel unwell. It might not stop her the first time. But after a while she will understand that it is because of alcohol that her health is deteriorating.

Step 6

Scare her with the consequences. Talk about strokes, heart attacks, and deaths caused by binge drinking. Describe in detail what awaits her if she does not stop drinking. Fear is a powerful tool in the fight against alcoholism. And if he did not help, then the chances that the spouse will quit drinking are very small.

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