How To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Ex-wife

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How To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Ex-wife
How To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Ex-wife

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The desire not to share a partner with anyone is the norm, if not for one circumstance. There are women who are jealous of their man even of his past - his ex-wife or girlfriend. Mentally realizing that they are wrong, they cannot cope with this feeling. How to stop being jealous of a husband to his ex-wife?

How to stop being jealous of your ex-wife
How to stop being jealous of your ex-wife


Step 1

Accept your man along with his past (lovers, wives, children). When you fell in love with him, you knew he had them. The past cannot be undone, no matter how much you wish it, and you have to live with this in mind.

Step 2

Try to understand your husband by imagining yourself in his place. If there were children in your previous marriage, how would you feel if you were separated from them? Your husband is no longer the husband of that woman, but he will forever be the father of his children. Let your spouse decide for himself how much he will communicate with them and with their mother. When a person is tied, he wants to break free. And, being free, a man will be happy to devote time to both his second family and his first child.

Step 3

Be loyal. The ex-wife has the right to call your husband, talk about the children, and, if necessary, ask for help. For the well-being of children, the father must participate in their upbringing. You want to respect your husband, right? How would you treat a man who does not want to take any part in the fate of his child?

Step 4

Do not put your common children above the child from your first marriage, but rather try to establish communication with him. If the first wife is against this, do not be offended and do not insist - let the husband communicate with the child on his own.

Step 5

Stop thinking about your spouse's ex-wife and start thinking about yourself. Your husband preferred you, so engage in self-improvement in order to remain the best for him in the future. Plus, you'll have less time to dig into your feelings.

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