How To Make A Person Bored

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How To Make A Person Bored
How To Make A Person Bored

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Sometimes it is so important to know what a dear and beloved person, even when far away, thinks of you. It is almost impossible to make someone bored, but you can try to make sure that you stay in their thoughts for a long time without causing irritation.

How to make a person bored
How to make a person bored


Step 1

First of all, in order to make a person bored, it is necessary to disappear from his life for a while. If you are constantly nearby, then it is quite natural that no one will miss you. Of course, it is not at all easy to voluntarily leave a loved one. But only in this way will you give him enough space and time so that he has time to realize your absence and how much he needs you.

Step 2

Be busy all the time, or just pretend if you really aren't. The next time you talk to your partner, to his question about what you are currently doing, do not give a direct answer, but just laugh it off or tell about some funny story that happened to you recently. Thus, you will immediately kill two birds with one stone: show that you are a cheerful, easy person, and also demonstrate the richness of your life. After that, your chosen one has no choice but to decide that you are a very interesting person and it would be quite nice to spend more free time with you.

Step 3

When dating, ask about any fond memories, but only those that bond you together. For example, say: "Do you remember when we were on the beach last time, you made an incredibly beautiful sand castle?" Just do not go to extremes and spend the whole free evening engaging in memories. However, periodically recalling pleasant moments together, you give the person an opportunity to think about how much of all the good things unite you.

Step 4

If you do not live together, then a good way to make a man remember you more often would be to inadvertently “forget” some of his little thing: a comb, an earring, a CD. Each time, "bumping" into her in his apartment, he will involuntarily think of you. The main condition is that a strategically forgotten thing should not need an urgent return (keys, wallet, mobile phone).

Step 5

But, perhaps, the most effective way to make a person bored is to be the soul of the company, it should always be easy and fun to be around you. If you and your partner are having a great time, do not quarrel over trifles, then in any case, during the forced separation, he will miss and think only about you.

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