How Not To Get Bored With A Lover

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How Not To Get Bored With A Lover
How Not To Get Bored With A Lover

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There can be many reasons for a man to have a mistress - from a loss of interest in his wife to a desire to diversify his sex life. The relationship of people involved in a forbidden relationship is very different from that of a spouse. And in order not to bother her lover, a woman needs to provide him with high-quality and varied sex.

How not to get bored with a lover
How not to get bored with a lover


Step 1

Know how to serve yourself in bed. This skill can be learned from the actresses of explicit films. The heroines of paintings of this kind are far from always flawlessly beautiful, but they are so relaxed and passionate that this compensates for all physical defects. It doesn't matter that your chest and folds at the waist are slightly sagging: if you behave like a beauty, then the man will believe in your irresistibility. And to really look more attractive in bed, experiment with lights, lingerie, and sexy positions. Focus your lover's attention on the merits: if you have a fifth breast size, be sure - he will not see your cellulite.

Step 2

Diversify your sex life. Encourage your lover to have sex in an unusual place - in a car, an elevator, on the beach, etc. This adventure will give him a fierce adrenaline rush. At home, use role-playing games, frank caresses, beautiful bedding. Be sure - your lover will always appreciate your imagination and creative approach to sex.

Step 3

Stay fit. With any build, it is necessary to develop flexibility, stretching and muscle strength. With good physical training, you can always actively move during sex and be ready to experiment with new positions.

Step 4

Always try to look great. Cleanliness is the key not only to health, but also to quality sex. And if your lover, like Napoleon, likes the natural scents of a woman, he will definitely tell you about it. Don't forget about beautiful clothes. If you socialize at home, do not skimp on peignoirs, shirts, and home dresses.

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