How To Make You Bored

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How To Make You Bored
How To Make You Bored

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Sometimes you need to know that someone you love misses you even when you are not around. But making you bored is really difficult and requires a lot of effort. There are several behaviors that can help you stay in the person's mind at all times without causing irritation.

To make a person feel bored, you must disappear from their life for a while
To make a person feel bored, you must disappear from their life for a while

It is necessary

  • Strategic mindset
  • Sense of humor


Step 1

First of all, to make a person bored, you have to disappear from his life for a while. If you are around all the time, you will not be missed. So, even if it's difficult, make sure you give the person you want to make you bored with enough time and space to realize that they need you to be there.

Step 2

Be busy all the time. The next time you talk to your partner, when asked about what you are doing, just talk about all the funny and funny things that have happened to you lately. First, you will show that you are an interesting person, and second, you will demonstrate that your life is full of events. After that, your chosen one will only have to think about how interesting you are and think about what would not hurt to spend time with you more often.

Step 3

When you're together, ask about fond memories. For example, say, "Do you remember when we went to the beach and made this sand castle there?" or "How funny you juggled kiwi in the store!" There is no need to constantly remind of what happened in the past, otherwise it will seem that nothing is happening in the present. But, nevertheless, reminders of pleasant moments of spending time together will make him think about how much good you had. In addition, he will surely remember these funny stories, even when you are not around.

Step 4

Just be the life of the company, it is easiest to miss someone with whom it is always fun and joyful. If you and your partner are constantly having a good time, they will miss you anyway.

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