How To Cheer Up A Girl On The Internet

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How To Cheer Up A Girl On The Internet
How To Cheer Up A Girl On The Internet

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Have you met a good girl on the Internet and are now wondering how to make her remember you? Know that the most reliable way to stay in your memory at least until tomorrow is to cheer and please the girl. If a mustachioed uncle or a girl is not sitting on the other side of the monitor, imagining that she is already an adult, then any ordinary guy can cheer up a girl who is not averse to chatting on a social network or in a chat.

How to cheer up a girl on the Internet
How to cheer up a girl on the Internet


Step 1

Evaluate your sense of humor in terms of the reaction to your jokes and gags on the part of real girls. If their attitude towards you after your conversations has not changed for the worse, or even, on the contrary, has improved, then you can safely maintain a normal conversation with a virtual friend.

Step 2

Go to a site that has funny photos and videos and send her a funny picture or a funny cartoon. By the way, many girls like to watch old Soviet cartoons.

Step 3

Be careful with your home video and choose it not from a male point of view (parking blondes, ragged, chipped faces, etc.). Almost all girls love videos with animals, which attentive owners managed to capture at the most unexpected moment.

Step 4

If you have been communicating for more than one day, you can try to send her a fresh anecdote, preferably on a neutral topic. Do not send her vulgar jokes or jokes with a green beard, even funny ones. This will not speak in favor of your sense of humor. Don't send her any jokes from Crooked Mirror or Comedy Club. She may be watching other channels.

Step 5

On many sites dedicated to humor (and not only), there is a heading "Questions". Choose an interesting and funny question and send her as if from yourself. Try to keep it free from obscene hints. Even if you have known each other for a long time, closer communication with you may not be part of the girl's plans. Do not ask her abstruse questions, for example, from the "programmers are joking" section, or questions from the "black humor" section, if you do not want a misunderstanding between you.

Step 6

On a holiday (birthday, New Year, March 8) send her a cool postcard with poems, if possible, of your own composition. You will definitely cheer her up, especially if she had to work on a holiday.

Step 7

If you communicate constantly for a long time, but still have not bothered to exchange photos, send her 2 of your photos at once. One is an ordinary worker. The second shot is best taken with a webcam or camera. Before taking a photo, make a funny (but not repulsive) face and freeze the frame. You can also put on some cool costume. Add the required comment: "Find 10 Differences." You will not only amuse the girl in this way, but also prove that you completely trust her.

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