How To Hint A Guy That You Want To Date Him

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How To Hint A Guy That You Want To Date Him
How To Hint A Guy That You Want To Date Him

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Sooner or later, a guy appears in a girl's life, whom she singles out from a great many other representatives of the opposite sex. She likes him, she wants to date him. But bad luck - sometimes a girl cannot make a guy understand that she is not indifferent to him. Education does not allow to be too frank, and the guy, as luck would have it, stubbornly does not understand the hints. What is the best way to deal with such a situation?

How to hint a guy that you want to date him
How to hint a guy that you want to date him


Step 1

You can overcome your shyness and say bluntly: "I like you." Although since ancient times it has been the custom that the initiative should come from the "stronger sex", it may well be taken over by the "weaker sex". There is nothing wrong with that, it is only important to behave so that the guy does not get the impression that the girl is frivolous and easily accessible.

Step 2

If it's still hard to be so frank, then a lot can be said with your eyes. A gentle look, directed directly into the eyes of the one who likes, has miraculous powers. Everything will become clear here for sure. And if you still smile shyly, then he will certainly understand everything.

Step 3

You can tell about your feelings for him not directly, but indirectly. It's not just girls who love compliments. Guys also love to be praised. And there is always something to praise for. You can say, "You're so smart!" Options: "strong", "brave", "skillful".

Step 4

Sign language is as old as the human race. As if an accidental touch, especially in combination with an embarrassed loving gaze, will successfully replace the most frank words.

Step 5

Some try to convey to the young man the message of sympathy with the help of a third person. Maybe you also have mutual acquaintances who can hint about your feelings? If you are shy, you can resort to using a cell phone. Write him an SMS and then wait for an answer.

Step 6

Some girls get the guy's attention by teasing and even provoking him. Oddly enough, this method is quite effective. Here we must not get carried away and observe a reasonable measure.

Step 7

If, in spite of everything, the guy stubbornly “does not reach”, there are two options: either he is deeply in love with another girl, or this is a particularly difficult case, and it is better for the girl not to waste time in vain and look for another gentleman. The world is full of guys who can appreciate her.

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