How To Take Custody Of A Child

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How To Take Custody Of A Child
How To Take Custody Of A Child

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It is possible to take a child from an orphanage to foster care using various forms of family placement. If you are not yet ready for such a serious step as adoption, then you can consider the option of guardianship.

How to take custody of a child
How to take custody of a child

It is necessary

  • Passport;
  • - medical report on the state of health of the established sample.


Step 1

Guardianship (guardianship) is the most common form of family arrangement. In the case of guardianship, the child is taken home by the decision of the guardianship and guardianship authorities, and not the court. And the control over the family in which such a child is located is carried out by the same supervisory authority.

Step 2

If you want to take a child under guardianship, then you need to contact the guardianship authorities at the place of registration (registration) and write an application of the established form and provide a medical report on your health condition. In fact, the guardianship authorities can no longer require any documents from you. But in fact, they have the right to oblige you to collect the full package of documents that are required for adoption.

Step 3

After the acceptance of the documents, the guardianship authorities conduct an examination of your living conditions. And within 30 days, they make a decision if you can become a guardian. If the answer is yes, if you have already decided on the child, you can immediately take him home.

Step 4

If you have not yet chosen a specific child, use the information in the regional and federal databases of children who are subject to placement in families. Once you have chosen a child, contact the guardianship authorities for permission to meet him. With this permission, you come to the orphanage and meet the child. The director and staff are required to provide you with all the information you need, show your personal file and medical record.

Step 5

You can search and watch children for as long as you need to make a final decision.

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