What Documents Are Needed To Obtain Custody Of A Child

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What Documents Are Needed To Obtain Custody Of A Child
What Documents Are Needed To Obtain Custody Of A Child

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Unfortunately, for various reasons, children may be left without parents. In this situation, they, like no one else, need the protection of the state. In order to realize the rights of this category of children, a guardianship and guardianship body was established in Russia.

What documents are needed to obtain custody of a child
What documents are needed to obtain custody of a child


Step 1

You can issue custody of that child who is not yet fourteen years old. This can be done by both close and distant relatives, as well as citizens who meet the requirements for guardians. Having made a decision to issue custody of a child, you must be ready to collect a sufficiently large package of documents. You should not be afraid of this, because if you wish, everything can be done quickly enough. Moreover, this is done in the interests of the child.

Step 2

The process of collecting documents begins with the writing of an application, which contains a request for the appointment of a guardian. At the place of work, a certificate of income is taken, it indicates the position held and the average salary for the last year. Unemployed citizens have the right to submit any other document that would confirm their income; for pensioners, a copy of the pension certificate is required, as well as a certificate issued by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Step 3

In addition, to formalize custody of a child, a document is required to prove that the candidate for guardian has the right to use the living quarters or is the owner of the living quarters. This document is an extract from the house (apartment) book, which is issued in the housing office. A copy of the financial personal account from the place of residence must be attached to it.

Step 4

A certificate confirming the absence of an existing or existing criminal record is issued by the internal affairs bodies. The procedure for issuing the following document - a medical certificate on the state of health - is established by the Ministry of Social Health of the Russian Federation. A citizen who decides to become a guardian and is married must attach a copy of the marriage certificate to the application. In addition, it should be remembered that adult family members give their written consent, while taking into account the opinion of children over ten years of age regarding the child's admission to the family. And the last thing left to do is write an autobiography.

Step 5

More recently, only in 2014, the need to include a certificate in this list of documents was canceled, which would certify the compliance of the dwelling with the required technical and sanitary standards. All of the above documents are submitted to the guardianship authorities, where they are considered within a week. Then a decision is made. If it is decided to refuse to issue guardianship, the reason must be explained to the candidates. However, this decision can be challenged.

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