How To Apply For The Adoption Of A Child

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How To Apply For The Adoption Of A Child
How To Apply For The Adoption Of A Child

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Adoption of children is a legal act by virtue of which legal (property and personal) relations are established between the adoptive parent and the adopted child, similar to those between parents and blood children.

How to apply for the adoption of a child
How to apply for the adoption of a child

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - certificate of good conduct;
  • - medical report on the state of health;
  • - a document confirming the right to own housing;
  • - certificate from the place of work;
  • - declaration of income;
  • - act of registration with the guardianship and trusteeship authorities;
  • - a court decision on adoption.


Step 1

In order to adopt a child, receive a document confirming your ability to be an adoptive parent. Submit an application with a request to the guardianship and guardianship authority at your place of residence.

Step 2

Attach to your application: - a short autobiography; - a certificate from the place of work with an indication of the position held and the level of wages; - a photocopy of your personal account and an extract from the house book or a document confirming your ownership of the living space; - a certificate of no criminal record, a medical report of a municipal or state medical institution on the state of health in the form established by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; - if you are married, then attach a copy of the certificate of its conclusion; - present a passport or other document confirming identity (birth certificate, driver's license).

Step 3

The guardianship authority draws up an act based on the results of a survey of living conditions and the persons themselves who wish to be adoptive parents. Receive an opinion no later than two weeks after submitting an application with documents.

Step 4

Choose a child. The guardianship and trusteeship body selects candidates for adoption. Full information about the child is provided, a referral is issued to visit him at his location or residence.

Step 5

Request documented information about the child you want to adopt. To do this, present your passport, write a statement about your desire to accept the child into your family, as well as an adoptive parent's questionnaire. A candidate for adoptive parents has the right to receive detailed information about the child he wants to adopt, information about his state of health. You can also go to a health care provider for an independent medical examination.

Step 6

Submit an application to the court, because permission for adoption or adoption is made by the court according to the rules of civil procedural legislation. Attach a copy of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, a document confirming the consent of the second spouse to adoption to the application; conclusions on the state of health of the adoptive parents; certificate from the place of work; income declaration; a document for the right to use or own a residential premises; document on registration with the guardianship and trusteeship body.

Step 7

The application is considered at a closed court hearing with the obligatory presence of a child who has reached the age of 14, adoptive parents, a prosecutor, a representative of the guardianship and guardianship authorities. If the court made a positive decision, then continue after the court registration of the child as your son or daughter.

Step 8

Register your child with the civil registration authority. This will require all of the above documents, supported by a court decision. Get a certificate of adoption. Pick up the child at the place of his location, presenting his passport and court decision.

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