Where To Apply For Adoption

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Where To Apply For Adoption
Where To Apply For Adoption

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In our country, more than half a million children have no family. Every year this number is growing steadily, and the issues of adoption have been and remain one of the most urgent in the social sphere.

Where to apply for adoption
Where to apply for adoption


Step 1

Family legislation recognizes adoption as a priority form of placing children for upbringing in a family, since in this case, family ties are established between the baby and those who are not his biological parents. The rights and obligations of the adopted child are fully equal to the rights and obligations of their own children. Meanwhile, the adoption procedure itself is rather complicated and multi-stage. First of all, you need to know who and how has the right to become adoptive parents.

Step 2

By law, adult men and women, with the exception of incapacitated persons, can become adoptive parents; those who have been deprived of parental rights (or limited in these rights); persons who do not have an income that provides a child with a living wage; those who do not have a permanent place of residence; persons who have a criminal record or have had one for serious crimes; those whose living conditions do not meet the standards; persons suffering from tuberculosis and some other diseases. A child can be adopted not only by a married couple, but also by single citizens. However, the same baby cannot be adopted by two persons who are not legally married.

Step 3

The first stage of adoption involves the collection of a package of documents to obtain a special opinion on the possibility of these citizens to be adoptive parents. This package includes a short autobiography, a certificate from work, a copy of a financial personal account or a certificate of ownership of housing, a certificate of no criminal record, a medical certificate of health, a copy of a marriage certificate for a married couple, documents confirming the compliance of living conditions with sanitary and technical standards.

Step 4

The above documents, together with an application for the possibility of being an adoptive parent, are submitted by those who wish to the guardianship and trusteeship body at the place of residence. These functions are performed either by the executive branch of the constituent entity of the federation, or by local government bodies. A document confirming the training for the opportunity to be a parent is also required to start the adoption procedure. It can be obtained by completing a special training course at the guardianship authorities (the so-called foster parent schools).

Step 5

After receiving the package of documents, the guardianship and trusteeship body conducts procedures for examining the living conditions of potential parents and draws up a special act. Then an opinion is prepared on the applicants' possibility to be adoptive parents. With a positive decision, citizens are registered as candidates for adoptive parents.

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