Kisses Are Different: The Meanings Of Kisses

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Kisses Are Different: The Meanings Of Kisses
Kisses Are Different: The Meanings Of Kisses

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What could be more romantic than the first kiss! No matter how much time you spend together, it is he who will be remembered forever. But what will it be: light and tender or hot and ardent? And how, in general, to understand what this or that kind of kiss means?

Kisses are different: the meanings of kisses
Kisses are different: the meanings of kisses

Light and frivolous

The very first kiss that is possible between partners, even during an acquaintance, is a kiss of the hand. This gesture speaks of a respectful attitude towards the girl, and also shows the man's good manners. Such a kiss can be either a simple manifestation of gallantry or a manifestation of a man's desire to finally touch the object of his dreams with his lips.

Another kiss, which can be interpreted in two ways - a kiss on the cheek. He can be a sign of gratitude or sympathy, and sometimes he says that a man is probing the ground and is trying to understand whether the girl is ready to go for rapprochement. After all, not everyone dares to kiss a friend on the lips right away! By the way, from Europe came the fashion for kisses on the cheek, which are exchanged at a meeting. As a rule, this gesture is carried out by touching the cheeks, in fact, even without the kiss itself. A European kiss on the cheek means nothing but the usual “hello”.

Timid and gentle

The next stage is kissing a little more serious. Sometimes a man lightly kisses his girlfriend on the lips, literally barely touching her. A kiss like this can mean a lot more than it seems. After all, if you are kissed on the lips, the border of purely friendly relations has already been clearly passed. In addition, there are people who simply do not know how to talk about their feelings. For them, instead of the phrase “I had a great evening with you” or “I like you,” it's easier to innocently kiss a girl on the lips - this already says a lot.

But a timid kiss on the lips differs from a quick and short one, and even very much. This type of affection indicates that the partner wants to go further in your relationship, but does not dare to take more active actions. And the course of your future meetings will depend on how you react to this timid kiss.

Ardent and passionate

There are kisses that indicate a partner's desire to continue the evening with something more serious than a romantic walk in the park or a candlelit dinner. A kiss on the base of the neck, for example, can be interpreted as "I want you." If the partner kisses you persistently, literally filling his entire mouth with his tongue, there is no longer any doubt about his intentions. Moreover, we can conclude that the man is already wound up quite strongly. But if he begins to kiss his lips, and then goes to the cheeks, neck, ears, gradually covering the girl's face with kisses, this technique speaks of the intention to convey the passionate mood to his soul mate.

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