What Do Kisses Mean?

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What Do Kisses Mean?
What Do Kisses Mean?

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A kiss is a habitual action that has not surprised anyone for a long time. People constantly kiss each other on the cheek when they meet or say goodbye. But few people know what the meaning of this ritual is.

What do kisses mean?
What do kisses mean?

The origin of the kiss

Some people are curious to know where the tradition of kissing came from? It is impossible to find out how kisses appeared, scientists make the assumption that the story began with a kiss from a mother to a child, because when people lived in tribes, adults watered children from the mouth, since there were no drinking devices.

It is not easy to deal with kisses also because among Russians, “kiss” meant only a light touch with the lips, and the connection of tongues and mouths meant the word “kissing”. The Russians kissed each other in the eyes when they parted, and the Romans kissed each other when greeting. The Eskimos rub their noses against each other in the bitter frost, afraid of chapping their lips.

The French kiss on the cheek when they meet even those people whom they hardly know.

Depending on the situation, there are many shades of kissing: on the cheek, forehead, hand, lips, nose and eyes, shoulder, head or neck. In the definition, "kiss" is touching someone or something with the lips, an attempt to express love, tenderness, recognition or gratitude. It is very interesting that kisses are different: passionate, loving, friendly, gentle, kindred, hot, long, caring, goodbye, depending on who they are given (girl, boyfriend, friend, relative) and under what circumstances.

The meaning of a kiss

The neck is a sensitive and erogenous zone. The kiss of a man in this place expresses the desire to possess a woman. A gentle kiss is exciting.

The lips and tongue have sensory receptors that respond to touch. A kiss on the lips expresses love, light and gentle means respect. Soft, without opening lips - kiss of a child or spouses who have lived together for a long time, "French kiss" - desire, passion and intimacy of a partner.

A kiss on the forehead is a sign of care and parental care, patronage. If a woman kisses a man on the forehead, she supports and protects him.

A kiss on the nose means sympathy and trust, this is how they kiss people for whom they feel love and tenderness.

A kiss is usually sent by girls, it can be regarded as flirting or a desire to attract the attention of a man.

You were kissed in the eyes - this is a sign of romantic love, sympathy and consolation.

The kiss of the hand speaks of the gallantry of the gentleman, and the hair - of devotion and affection. If a man kisses you on the stomach, it means that he wants children.

A kiss on the cheek is an expression of friendship and warmth, but it can also be cold, not binding.

Kisses can be very different. It is one thing when a man hugs a woman, gently kisses her on the cheek and looks into her eyes, and quite another - if he just “smacks”.

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