How To Apologize To A Guy

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How To Apologize To A Guy
How To Apologize To A Guy

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It is easy to offend a loved one and difficult to ask for forgiveness later. Male pride is sometimes even more vulnerable than female pride. How to ask a guy for forgiveness so as to receive not only forgiveness, but also to make this moment memorable just not because of a quarrel?

There are several ways to ask for forgiveness. Depending on the situation and the severity of the guilt, it's up to you to ask for forgiveness right away, or it's better to let each other calm down.

How to apologize to a guy
How to apologize to a guy


Step 1

Just walk up and, preferably, looking into your eyes, ask for forgiveness, explaining in detail what the fault is.

You can kiss a guy until you are forgiven. Put small apology notes in your bag or pockets. Write an sms asking for forgiveness and reassurances of your feelings.

Step 2

No one has canceled the path to the male heart through the stomach. Prepare his favorite dish, or some original dessert. Bake a cake in the shape of your tongue and write "Sorry babbling!"

Step 3

You can arrange so that you are invited to visit the same company if your soul mate avoids meeting with you. And already there, ask him for forgiveness, when the friends warned in advance will leave you alone.

Step 4

Romantics can:

- Order a limousine as a request for forgiveness so that he will take your boyfriend to work. Just remember to warn him.

- Tie yourself up with a beautiful ribbon with a huge bow and appear on the doorstep with a poster: "Forgive me!" and the most repentant kind.

- Give him the gift he has long dreamed of.

- Present him with a box of phantoms, which he will pull one a day, and you will be obliged to fulfill. The content of forfeits can only be limited by your imagination.

Step 5

Send him a bottle of champagne and a fruit basket with a note stating that you will personally apologize tonight.

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